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willkommen in wien!

Die Stadt Wien hat mit ihrer Abteilung für Integration und Diversität (MA 17) ein umfangreiches, vielfältiges Paket für Sie geschnürt, um Sie bei Ihrem Einstieg in Wien zu unterstützen. Machen Sie davon Gebrauch! Wir freuen uns auf Sie.

Make a start coaching appointment and find out when the next German courses and information modules are: Ph. 01/90 500 36 - 04

The Vienna education booklet

The Vienna education booklet is a booklet where all the language courses, information modules, and counseling services, and education and further training programs that you attend are recorded.

The Vienna education booklet also contains Vienna language vouchers that can be used to pay for courses held by certified course providers.

You can show the Vienna education booklet whenever you are asked for proof of German language skills, professional qualifications, education and training.

For example at:

  • German course providers
  • education and training courses
  • counseling services
  • the Public Employment Service (AMS)
  • prospective employers

In your education booklet the project partners can see at a glance which programs you have already participated in and what they should offer you next.

Therefore it is important that you take good care of your Vienna education booklet and always present it when you visit one of these institutions.

If you lose your education booklet, please go to the Lost and Found office (at your Municipal District Office) and ask them to issue you a confirmation of loss.

Then call the call centre at 01/90 500 36 – 01 (German) or 01/90 500 36 – 04 (English) and make an appointment with one of our start coaches. Bring the confirmation from the District Office with you and the coach will issue you a new education booklet.