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willkommen in wien!

Die Stadt Wien hat mit ihrer Abteilung für Integration und Diversität (MA 17) ein umfangreiches, vielfältiges Paket für Sie geschnürt, um Sie bei Ihrem Einstieg in Wien zu unterstützen. Machen Sie davon Gebrauch! Wir freuen uns auf Sie.

Make a start coaching appointment and find out when the next German courses and information modules are: Ph. 01/90 500 36 - 04

Start coaching – getting a head start in Vienna

Start coaching is a service offered by Municipal Department 17 - Integration and Diversity (MA 17) for all new inhabitants of Vienna who receive their first-time permission(Erstniederlassungsbewilligung) or a registration for the purpose of family member (Familienangehörige/-r) to stay in Austria for the last two years. Employees of MA 17 who speak your native language or another language you feel comfortable with assist you in finding your way around Vienna. At the start coaching appointment you will receive your Vienna education booklet. This is a booklet where all the language courses, information events, counselling services, and education and further training programmes that you attend are recorded. The education booklet contains vouchers from the City of Vienna for German Integration Courses worth € 300. It also allows you to attend information events on various useful topics.

At the start coaching you will

  • receive the Vienna education booklet and the Vienna language vouchers worth € 300
  • get comprehensive information about the Integration Agreement
  • discuss what your next steps should be
  • get help with finding a suitable German Integration Course
  • learn how the voucher system works and what the information modules are
  • get recommendations for counselling centres (finding a job, getting your qualifications recognised, etc.)
  • discuss basic questions (registering your child for school, compulsory schooling, etc.)
  • receive information on a variety of other relevant topics



Municipal Department 17 – Integration and Diversity 1200 Wien, Dresdnerstraße 91, ground floor, rooms E 10, E 11 and E 13 (offices of Municipal Department 35 where you received your first-time permission to stay in Austria).


  • Only wiht arranged appointments:

          Ph. 01/90 500 36 – 01 German
          Ph. 01/90 500 36 – 04 English