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Die Stadt Wien hat mit ihrer Abteilung für Integration und Diversität (MA 17) ein umfangreiches, vielfältiges Paket für Sie geschnürt, um Sie bei Ihrem Einstieg in Wien zu unterstützen. Machen Sie davon Gebrauch! Wir freuen uns auf Sie.

Information events for refugees

As part of primary care (Grundversorgung), the project StartWien for Refugees offers comprehensive integration assistance for all asylum seekers in Vienna from day one. The project aims at providing relevant information to help refugees getting used to their new life in Vienna.

Free information modules, Vienna Charter Talks and diverse workshops have been available for refugees (irrespective of asylum status) since September 2015. The activities are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays at CORE Zentrum. They provide orientation and basic information on different topics such as:

  • Living together: everyday life in Vienna; values – customs – traditions
  • Education: the Austrian education system (kindergarten, schools, adult education)
  • Healthcare: the Austrian healthcare system (health insurance, e-card, pregnancy, parental leave)
  • Housing: information about house hunting and information centres, tenancy agreements
  • Family life: types of families, youth protection, leisure time facilities
  • Social affairs: types of families, youth protection, leisure time facilities
  • Right of asylum: terms and definition of asylum law, legislative modifications, asylum procedure, integration year
  • Leisure activities in Vienna: recreational activities (sports, culture) for families, low-cost offers, language cafés
  • Waste Management: legal requirements, reduction of waste, recycling, consequences of environmental pollution

In the Vienna Charter workshop participants discuss the basic principles of living together respectfully such as democracy and human rights.

The topics highlighted in our workshops

In addition, there are information modules and Charter Talks for young people (15-25 years). The topics of these information modules are “healthcare/housing”, “education”, “living together”, and “love, sexuality and more”.

The information modules, Charter Talks and workshops are held in Arabic, Farsi/Dari, Pashto, Somali, and English.

Please check the module programme for more information about current module topics.

Place and time

Wednesdays and Saturdays, 14:00 and 16:00 (duration: two to three hours)

CORE Zentrum (address: Pfeiffergasse 4, Stiege D, 2nd floor, 1150 Vienna)

The modules include free childcare on Saturdays from 14:00 to 18:00.

The education platform “Bildungsdrehscheibe”, which forms part of primary care (Grundversorgung) in Vienna, provides refugees with advice about education and training, helps them analyse their language skills and qualifications and advises them about German language and basic education courses. Refugees are usually pointed to Bildungsdrehscheibe by primary care service and advice centres or by the staff of their primary care homes.

As part of primary care (Grundversorgung) there are counselling and advice centres for refugees in Vienna.





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